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Wallpaper Installation and Removal Suffolk

The beauty and practicality that wallpaper provided when new disappears with age and wear, and removal can present time-consuming and frustrating problems. Much simpler to hang than remove, wallpaper needs proper wall prep initially that helps make removal possible. At Excel Painting Services, we offer the Long Island and Suffolk County region of New York our full-service wallpaper removal and installation for all commercial establishments.

Improving the Appearance of Older Commercial Buildings

Old-time builders of factories and warehouses in industrial parks, stores, offices and banks in the Suffolk County New York area often applied wallpaper directly to drywall without providing for removal many years later. The problems that the practice created come to light when you decide to update the appearance of your facility.

Paper with nonwoven backing or fabric-backed vinyl that most builders use now makes the job much easier, but many of the best papers continue to use outdated production methods. Manufacturers of scorers and steamers suggest that they can help with removal, but they only make the job harder, messier and more time-consuming. Damage that they can do to the drywall only complicates a wallpaper stripping project.

Choosing an Experienced Wallpaper Services Expert

Our knowledge of wallpaper removal allows us to identify the type of paper and the demands that it presents. In business for more than 15 years as commercial contractors, we have experience in removing all kinds of commercial and industrial wallpaper. Our fully insured and highly skilled, professional teams study its properties and characteristics on each job to provide the most efficient wallpaper removal services.

Before we start, we remove a light switch wall plate to identify the construction under the wallpaper. Many commercial buildings in the area have plaster walls that overlie wood, metal lathe or gypsum material. Most structures built since the mid-1950s used drywall; it can make removal of wallpaper more difficult, but we have the expertise, materials and equipment to make any job look easy.

An upgrade over time may have replaced the older walls with drywall, and the adhesive that holds the paper to the wall may have formed a firm bond to the surface. The removal of the paper and adhesive may remove some of the surface texture of the drywall as well, a complication that becomes routine in older commercial buildings. Our expert paint mechanics can efficiently replace any surface material to create a smooth area that accepts paint perfectly. Our familiarity with the latest equipment and techniques such as skin coating allows us to handle any job regardless of the age of the paper or the complexity of the project. We use the highest quality materials and the best methods to prepare a wall for painting with substrates that make it look like new.

Deciding to Improve the Aesthetics

Older buildings do not make good impressions on clients or occupants when the interior walls have become worn and outdated. Our service can install any type of wallpaper to help you transform your building. Elimination of outdated decorating motifs and updating with contemporary materials enhance a facility and give it an advantageous position in the competitive real estate market. While Excel Painting Services focuses on providing paints for every kind of commercial enterprise, we offer a superior level of expertise in both the removal and installation of wall coverings.

We can supply drywall texture to make the walls blend with existing styles. Our process includes applying a primer coat ahead of any texture that walls may need, and it allows the material to adhere securely to the Sheetrock or drywall for a finished look. An application of a primer after drywall texture seals it and allows the interior paint finish to produce the smooth glow that enhances the appearance of any room.

Choosing a Full-Service Contractor

Our teams of experienced and courteous painting mechanics provide wallpaper removal and installation services without interruption to your business. We work in challenging environments to complete jobs that others may refuse, and we offer a 2-year written warranty with every wallpaper stripping project. The exceptional results of our wallpaper services inspire us to take pride in creating a clean, professional image for your property with superior expertise and no hassle or aggravation.

We take care of your property by covering everything with drop cloths and removing window treatments, wall plates and air conditioning vents to ensure the complete and perfect job that you expect. When we finish, we conduct a walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Call for an accurate and reliable computerized estimate and let us get started on bringing your property into line with your expectations.

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