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Commercial Painting Services for Your Success in Competitive Markets

Excel Painting Services is a leading painting contractor in Nassau and Suffolk County, New York.
We specialize in commercial interior and exterior painting projects that brings life you your building and protect your investment.

Why Choose Excel

1) Reliability:On-time completion with NO business interruption.

2) Experience:Commercial painting is all we do and we are committed to client satisfaction.

3) Professional Staff:Experienced, courteous painting mechanics will provide quick and efficient service.

4) Expert Preparation:We use the best preparation methods to ensure a fast, neat and long-lasting paint job.

5) Quality Materials:We use only the highest quality materials available for every project.

6) Insured:We are fully insured for your protection.

7) Computerized Estimating System:Quick and accurate proposals (most provided within 24 hours).

8) Total Project Warranty:We provide a two-year written warranty on all of your painting projects.

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We Offer the Following Services:

    • Commercial Exterior Painting
    • Office Painting
    • Epoxy Coatings
    • Graffiti Removal Services
    • Wallpaper install/removal
      • Commercial Interior Painting
      • Industrial Painting
      • Pressure Washing
      • Electrostatic Spray Painting

Why Fresh Paint Is Important for Your Commercial Building

Interior Painting for Nassau and Suffolk Counties

According to a University of Hawaii study, paint colors impact employees’ attitudes and productivity levels. Your office paint color choices have the power to calm workers, help them to stay focused on complex tasks, or energize them to do proactive customer service. At Excel Painting, we can help you to create an atmosphere that fits your company culture.

Facility managers who regularly prepare spaces for new tenants know the appeal of fresh paint. Spaces that haven’t been painted in several years look dirty because they are dirty. Instead of just covering up dirt with a coat of generic paint, professional painters such as those who work for Excel Painting Services prepare walls for painting by thoroughly cleaning them. The cleaning process often includes lightly sanding walls to get a smooth painting surface. After our painters clear away layers of old grime from walls and repaint them, tenants benefit from cleaner offices and conference rooms.

Besides dirty walls, excess moisture also contributes to poor indoor air quality through increased mold growth. Mold spores feed on organic materials such as drywall, and they thrive in warm, humid areas. While your building’s HVAC system does a phenomenal job of keeping air dry, you can also help to seal out moisture and inhibit mold growth on your walls with paint. If you want to stop mold growth on your walls before it becomes a serious problem, contact our interior commercial painting specialists to learn more about your options.

Our Leadership Team

Mike spends his days making sure his painters and his customers experience
the most quality paint jobs throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.


Commercial Exterior Painting for all
of Long Island

Ready to make a great first impression? Improve your property’s curb appeal with paint. Painting your building’s exterior is a high-impact facility improvement that offers huge returns. Today’s business owners rent commercial spaces based on a variety of factors. Besides a good location and site amenities, these entrepreneurs look for trustworthy property owners. They want to be confident that property managers won’t leave them in poorly maintained buildings that’ll scare off their customers. Keeping a fresh coat of paint on your building’s exterior shows that you care about your property and your tenants.

Painting your commercial building gives you the opportunity to reinforce your brand’s positive reputation. While your marketing manager pays a good deal of attention to your company’s online presence, your physical location still matters. For instance, you’ve just listed a few up-market condominiums online. Potential buyers see the online listings and a few dated photos of your condominium complex. They decide to drive by your building to see the property in person. Does your building’s paint show an upscale community? Do physical branding elements such as colors and logos match those that customers see online? Excel Painting’s commercial exterior painting services allow you to send a consistently positive brand message to guests who visit your business at its online and physical locations.

Who We Serve

Excel Painting Services has over three generations of experience updating Nassau and Suffolk County’s commercial properties with paint. Our expert painters are trained to know about the unique properties of paint products and how to apply them to all types of commercial and industrial structures. We use only high-quality products from respected brands for our painting assignments. Excel Painting Services is licensed and insured,

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We serve these types of businesses in and around Long Island, New York:

  • Retail Stores
  • Strip Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Condominium Facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Restaurants


Commercial Interior Painting

Over the years, walls trap dust, dirt, and grime that dull the look of your rooms and hallways. After ruling out lighting issues, many facility managers realize that they need to start fresh with a durable paint in an appealing shade. Excel Painting Services is here to help. We get to know your vision for your space and make suggestions that are based on our extensive knowledge about paint. Whether you need to update the walls in your office or apply special coatings for an industrial warehouse, we’ve got the experience to help you to achieve your facility improvement goals.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Suffolk County buildings take a beating from harsh winter weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Without periodic painting, your commercial building can look less than its best. If your building’s paint is faded, peeling, or cracking, it’s time to save your marketplace reputation with a fresh exterior paint application. Professionally applied paint makes your building look more attractive to patrons. Depending on your business, this could mean increased sales at your retail store, additional client accounts at your bank, or more investors for your start-up.

We look forward to your call and to becoming your go-to commercial painting contractor when you need to improve the function and appeal of your property!

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